Training Courses

  • Puppy Obedience Training Course
  • Professional Dog Trainer Course
  • K9 Club

Hotel & Day Care

Our small playgroups and boarding are combined with many extras that make us different from a normal daycare or kennel.

We believe a smaller dog daycare facility creates a more intimate environment, where special needs can be met and unique personalities recognized. Because we keep our playgroups small, monitoring and joining in the play is easy for our staff.

Dogs are pack animals, nothing pleases them more than to socialise with other dogs and interact with people. Day Play provides the exercise and socialisation that is important to your dog’s physical and mental well being. Your dog will have a blast playing with friends.

Hotel & Day Care Pricing


Weekdays 8 am – 8 pm

  • €10 Per Day
  • €40 Per Week
  • Pick-up / Drop-off = €10 each way


(Includes Day Play)

  • 1 DOG: €12 per night
  • 2 DOGS: €10 per night


(1 Month or More)

  • 1 DOG: €150 per month (€4,80 per night approx.)
  • 2 DOGS: €260 per month (€8,40 per night approx.)